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Welcome to the Armenian Catholic Church in Australia

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Father Parsegh (Basil) Sousanian with the Armenian Catholic Parish Community of Our Lady Of The Assumption (Sydney) and The Holiest Hearts of Jesus and Mary (Melbourne) welcome you to the 11:00am Sunday Mass (Surp Badarak). Participate in the Armenian Liturgy and afterwards for refreshments and church events. All are welcome. Please invite and bring along family and friends.



“The Armenian Catholic Church is a welcoming missionary Catholic Community, nurturing its people in faith and service (Spiritual and Social), support the continued use of the Armenian liturgy, language and cultural integration and seeking to reflect and share the compassion of Jesus Christ with our community and beyond.”

Fr Basil

Fr. Parsegh (Basil)





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Liturgical Calendar (pdf)

Looyce Armenian School

Genocide Survivor web

 From Fr. Basils' desk...
Sunday Holy Mass at 11.00am


2017 December Christmas Newsletter


New song celebrates 2799th anniversary of Yerevan

Երևան՝ սիրո քաղաք #ԷրեբունիԵրևան2799- Yerevan siro qaxaq #ErebuniEVN2799

New song celebrates 2799th anniversary of Yerevan
Public Radio Of Armenia Siranush Ghazanchyan 11-Oct- 2017


50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary


Saint Gregory the Illuminator monument to be raised in Armenia 14 հլս, 2017    Source: ORAKARG news service  © 2017

St Gregory monument in Vatican 2015

  Divine Mercy - Jesus I Trust In You

"I have the strength for everything through him who empowers me."

Jesus I Trust In You.

 Catholic Saints

Saint Gregory of Narek
Doctor of the Universal Church

Saint Gregory of Narek Doctor of the Universal Church

Pope Francis has declared Armenian poet and monk, Saint Gregory of Narek, a Doctor of the Universal Church.   23-Feb 2015

St Mary of the Cross

Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop - Australia's first saint 17-Oct-2010

Australia's First Saint

17 Oct 2010

"We must teach more by example than by word"

(Mary MacKillop 1867)

Translation of Festal Works of St. Gregory of Narek to be presented in Fresno Public Radio Of Armenia Siranush Ghazanchyan 22 Feb 2017


Fr. Parsegh (Basil) front row in the middle with Mother Teresa of Calcutta
The young Fr. Parsegh (Basil) front row in the middle with Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Fr Basil with Pope Francis - 2014
Msgr Basil with Pope Francis

Upcoming Events

50th Anniversary

Armenian Film Festival


 St. Gregory's Armenian School

Highlights of the inception of
St Gregory's Armenian School
as aspired by the totality of the
Armenian Catholic Community
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 Armenian Genocide 1915

Traditional Armenian CrossArmenianTraditional Armenian Cross


What is Genocide ?
The Armenian Genocide Museum Read

The Armenian Genocide
The majority of Armenian Diaspora communities were formed by the Genocide survivors.

 Tsitsernakaberd + Genocide Memorial + in Yerevan, capital of Armenia
+ Genocide Memorial +
in Yerevan, capital of Armenia
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Vatican stamp depicts Pope Francis in front of Armenian Genocide Memorial

Pope Francis Armenia 2016 Genocide stamp


Never Again



Armenian manuscript the oldest book at Toledo-Lucas County Public Library

Armenian manuscript the oldest book at Toledo-Lucas County Public Library  
Jan 2017 Siranush Ghazanchyan Public radio of Armenia


Serzh Sargsyan: the Mekhitarist Congregation bridged the Armenian and Western cultures
Public Radio Of Armenia 11 Sep 2017


Armenia issues stamp on 300th anniversary of Mekhitarist Congregation
Public Radio Of Armenia
Siranush Ghazanchyan 23-Oct- 201


The motto and logo for His Holiness Pope Francis’ visit to the Republic of Armenia have been adopted with the corresponding description. The motto of the visit is: “Visit to the First Christian Nation.”

President Of The Republic Of Armenia (19 May 2016)

19 May 2016    Public Radio Of Armenia


Inaugurating Katchkar from Armenia in Willoughby to commemorate the 100 anniversary Armenian Genocide victims with Der Bartev Agop Karakashian


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 Armenian media, portals, special interests, catholic links
Summary of news from Armenia

daily prayer

Public TV of Armenia
Public TV of Armenia

Caritas Armenia
Web Page

Caritas Armenia

Caritas Armenia
Քահանայապետի եւ Եկեղեցւոյ ձայնը աշխարհի հետ երկխօսութեան մէջ - Ռատիօ Վատիկան

Vatican Radio


(Youtube channel)
Caritas Armenia
Caritas Armenia



Forming the future:
Armenian Sisters Academy


«Ռադիո Մարիամ» մշակութային հիմնադրամ


Armenian News

News via satellite from Channel H1 Armenia (Yerevan), in Armenian


Contribution’s towards Lanjik Parish Church
in Armenia

Your HELP  is needed ... make a difference, donate to a worthwhile cause through
your local church or club

The Armenian Catholic Archbishop of Armenia needs our financial aid to help structurally repair the badly affected church in the village of Lanjik. We, ask our parishioners who are able to assist and contribute towards this worthy cause to do so (official receipt will be issued for all contributions)

Lanjik is near the town of Maralik, north west Armenia.
It is 38 kms south from Gyumri, heading towards Yerevan.
Lanjik Map

Lanjik Parish

Hayatsan All Armenia Fund

I Love Armenia
The purpose of the Fund is to Help Armenia by initiating particular projects all over Armenia with contributions by ALL Armenians from around the world.

Visit the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund website for details

Monuments of Yerevan Attractions and Sacred Places Yerevan among the 16 oldest cities in Europe

Khachkar or Cross-Stone is a unique Christian Armenian national art

Khachkar or Cross-Stone is a unique Christian Armenian national art Khatchkar

The Origins of Khachkar

KhatchkarKhachkar (Kha - ch - kar) or Cross-Stone is the unique manifestation of Christian Armenian national art which in its Christian form and type has no other equivalent in the world.

It constitute an integral dimension of Armenian sculptural art; with their high artistic standards and strong national character, occupies a worthy position in the treasury of international art.

Khachkars are also an expression of the Christian faith and high aesthetics taste of the Armenian nation, nation that was first to officially adopt the Christian faith in the year 301 of Our Lord Saviour.

In the deep respect and commemoration of the Khachkar by the International community, a Khachkar was placed in the front entrance of the Main Hall of the United Nations in New York.

Nohas route your route - Visit Beautiful Armenia
Visit beautiful Armenia
and discover a new old world

The official exchange rate of Armenian Dram - from
Central Bank of Armenia

Armenian Currency

Weather in Armenia by <<>>
Weather PanArmenian

Armenian flag colours
Information about the Republic of Armenia

Map of Armenia
Google MAP of
Yerevan Armenia

Vocations Question Vocations Invite

+ Vocations +
Make this your special year.
Discuss with me your intentions.
Let me answer your questions.
Call me anytime. Fr Basil.

Fr Basil


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