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Cardinal Gregorio Pietro Aghagianian

19.10.14 / Ջավախք. լեռնեցիների օրրան - Կարդինալ Աղաջանյան 1

Part 1

26.10.14 / Ջավախք. լեռնեցիների օրրան - Կարդինալ Աղաջանյան մաս 2

Part 2

Documentario su Card. Gregorio Pietro Aghagianian: 

Prima parte -

Seconda parte

1895 - 1971


Pope Francis has declared Armenian poet and monk, Saint Gregory of Narek, a Doctor of the Universal Church.   23-Feb 2015

Pope Francis declares Armenian Saint Gregory of Narek Doctor of the Church



 Vocations in the Armenian Catholic Church

Is God calling you?

Do you have a desire to share your love for Christ with others?
Do you hold firm in love the faith of the Catholic Church?
Do you have a special devotion to Our Lady?
Do you desire to embrace the Cross of Christ for the salvation of souls?
Do you feel called to follow in the footsteps of:
                 Saint Gregory the Illuminator
                 Saint Blaise
                 Blessed Ignatius Maloyan (Bishop and Martyr 1915)
and others as a disciple of Jesus?

If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, or if you want to learn more about our way of life as an Armenian Priest, Nun or religious person, we would love to hear from you.

You may have read many books and articles, perhaps talked to family and friends or other people about this calling. I am sure there are many questions you are thinking about.

I encourage all young Australian-Armenian men and women to also approach me with full confidence for an accurate and appropriate information without obligation or judgement. Feel free to discuss what you are thinking and I will be more than happy to guide and assist you in finding your way.

Please call me anytime for an informal and confidential chat ...

Hope to hear from you soon - Father Basil.


O Lord, my God,
You renew the Church in every age
by raising up priests outstanding in holiness,
living witnesses of Your unchanging Love.
In Your Plan for our salvation
You provide shepherds for Your people.

Fill the hearts of young men
with the spirit of courage and love
that they may answer Your call generously.
Give parents the grace to encourage vocations
in their family by prayer and good example.

Raise up worthy priests for Your Altars
and ardent, but gentle servants of the Gospel.
Give the Church more priests
and keep them faithful in their love and service.
May many young men choose to serve You
by devoting themselves
to the service of Your people.


Make this your special year.
Discuss with me your intentions and let me answer your questions.
Contact me anytime. Fr. Basil

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Make this your special year.
Discuss with me your intentions.
Let me answer your questions.
Call me anytime. Fr Basil.

Fr Basil

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