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15th Anniversary of the Rosa Mystica - 2006

The Rosa Mystica prayer was founded in Italy in 1943 when our Lady of the Rosary appeared to Pierina Galli who asked her to get the people to recite the Rosary and repent and return to God. Our Lady reappeared on many occasions to Pierina right up to 1967. She asked from Pierina that July 13th be reserved for her as the feast day of our lady of the Rosa Mystica.

In 1991 the late George Kalenderian initiated, with a handful of friends, the Rosa Mystica prayer group within the Armenian Catholic community in Sydney.

The prayer group was open to all the Christian denominations, and thus within a short period of time it snowballed to eleven groups, covering virtually the whole Sydney metropolitan area; today more than eight hundred families participate and recite the rosary on a daily basis.

Rosa Mystica

The majority of these families are of other Christian Eastern churches and communities.

The group celebrated its 15th Anniversary on May 28th 2006, the church was packed with members including family and friends who celebrated the Divine Liturgy to collectively honour and thank Our Lady for her blessings over the past 15 years.

We pray and beseech our Lady to bless us and intercede on our behalf to Our Lord the Almighty so that He may open up the hearts and minds of all people for peace to prevail in this world.

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2011 - The 20th Anniversary  1991 - 2011
Rosa Mystica Prayer Group 20th Anniversary:  1991 - 2011

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Rosa Mystica Location - Italy
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