Highlights of the inception of St Gregory's Armenian School as aspired by the totality of the Armenian Catholic Community

The School is “owned” by the whole Armenian Congregation and seeks to include all those who have an active interest in maintaining and promoting Armenian culture. It is formally owned by St. Gregory’s Armenian School Incorporated and run by a Committee of Management (The School Board) on their behalf. (Source: St. Gregory Armenian School Prospectus)

Index 1:          Our Parish Bulletin
1993 12 Dec - Our Parish Bulletin 1988 08 Aug - Our Parish Bulletin
1993 10 Oct - Our Parish Bulletin 1988 07 Jul - Our Parish Bulletin
1993 09 Sep - Our Parish Bulletin 1988 06 Jun - Our Parish Bulletin
1993 08 Aug - Our Parish Bulletin 1988 04 Apr - Our Parish Bulletin
1993 06 Jun - Our Parish Bulletin 1988 03 Mar - Our Parish Bulletin
1993 05 May - Our Parish Bulletin
1993 04 Apr - Our Parish Bulletin 1987 10 Oct - Our Parish Bulletin
1987 01 REPORT to Armenian Community
1989 11 Nov - Our Parish Bulletin
1989 05 May - Our Parish Bulletin 1986 01 THE SCHOOL
Letter from CONGREGATIO PRO ECCLESIIS ORIENTALIBUS 1989 donation to St Gregory's Armenian Day School
Index 3:          Letters of Father Anton
1988-Jun-06 Our Parish - Letter to Parishioners 1988-Jun-17.doc
1983-Apr-22 Armenian Catholic Church - Letter to Parishioners
1983-Feb-24 Armenian Catholic Church - Letter to Parishioners
Index 4:          Partial list of donors to St Gregory's Armenian School
ACC Member List - Partial donors list for School Donations
Index 5:          Link
CB Richard Ellis/a trophy private school/20 Mungerie road, Beaumont Hills NSW 2155
Index 6:          White Pages annotation
White Pages annotation
Index 7:          Corporate Affairs Commission Document
Corporate Affairs Commission Document showing:  Account styled "The Armenian Catholic Day School Building Fund"
Index 8:          Report by Father Anton explaining the community projects and aspirations
Report by Father Anton to the Armenian Catholic Community - 1987 01

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